WHAT I LIKE BEST: Working on awesome projects with passionate people in a mutual learning environment.“

It all began with her first computer.

Little did her father know that by giving Antonia her first computer, he would be seeding his daughter’s career. She was eight years old at the time and getting that computer ignited a spark. As time passed, her passion for technology continued to rapidly grow, and by the time she was in high school that interest peaked. She completed a variety of Computer Science courses with “flying colors” and researching and buying all the latest gadgets became one of her favorite pastimes.

Educational pursuits fed the spark.

Antonia’s journey toward her professional career began with pursuit of an Associate Degree at Horry Georgetown Technical College in Conway, South Carolina. While there, she studied Computer Technology with a minor in Web Design, and placed 3rd in the AITP Southeast Region 7 Conference where the best and brightest students go head-to-head for coveted awards in information technology. The achievement not only reinforced her technical talents; it also revealed a hidden one. A Horry Georgetown instructor took notice of her “eye for design” and encouraged her to hone her skills in Web Design and Front End Development.

This led to her enrollment at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Here, Antonia was recognized for excelling in her studies and participating in the annual WebRaising event where students, faculty and staff join together to build websites for local non-profit organizations in Atlanta. She went on to obtain her BFA in Web Design and Interactive Media, and earned awards for Student Success and Outstanding Contribution to the Department, both in 2007.

Her professional career speaks for itself.

Her ambition and drive to succeed translated well into her postgraduate career. Antonia landed an internship with AT&T Advertising and Publishing, and has since enjoyed success as a Professional Web Developer. She developed excellent working relationships with her colleagues at Cornerstone Media Group, and in 2009, received the Gold Standard Award for Best Page Design (Tulsa Area of United Way) while working at the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta. During her tenure with Elsevier/McStrategies, a world-renowned healthcare publisher, she also ventured into E-Learning Development and Project Management. Throughout her career, Antonia has worked as a Content and Multimedia Developer, Information Architect, User Interface Designer, and Usability and Quality Assurance Manager.

So where does Antonia Burroughs go from here?

Besides staying current in an ever-changing industry, one of her long-term goals is to write, teach and speak on a variety of Web topics. Whether she remains in Metro Atlanta or finds her way to Silicon Valley, one thing is for certain: Antonia Burroughs will always “dream big, work hard, and learn as much as possible” on her journey as a creative and technical Web professional.

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Web Design ”One of my college instructors took notice of my “eye for design” and the rest is, shall we say, digital history.“
Web Design
UI Design ”I specialize in user-friendly, intuitive interfaces that are fashioned with the audience in mind.“
UI Design
Development ”With skills like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and animations, I can bring designs to life.“
Consultation ”I love using my knowledge and expertise to help marry the needs of users and business goals in an ideal experience.“

To sum it up, I can develop your product from visual concept to functional website.

  • "Tina was a hard working, quality conscious student who did not give up until she had achieved the best possible outcome. She participated in WebRaising (a volunteer effort in building web sites for non-profit organizations in the community) on a regular basis. No challenge was too big for Tina. She took them on without an apparent fear of the unknown and persisted in researching, experimenting and evaluating until she achieved the desired result."

    Ameeta Jadav - Former Dean of Academic Affairs at The Art Institute of Atlanta

  • "Tina is a hard-worker who strives at perfection. She is willing to put in the extra effort and long hours to get the job done right, the first time. She is a pleasure to work with and always has a positive attitude. She is asset to any team. "

    Dan Hayes - Website Designer/Developer at Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • "Antonia is a very patient and friendly teacher! After many years of working a mundane job, I was ready for a fresh start. Through Antonia I learned HTML and Skype. Because of her instruction and encouragement I have secured a great new job and fresh outlook on life!"

    FM Knight - Tech Support Advisor/Apple, Inc.

  • "Antonia “Tina” Burroughs is one of our industry’s finest talents. Possessing a burning desire to see the Web look and function more efficiently, she is undoubtedly the “missing link” to any team or lucrative web endeavor. Her commitment is unmatched, and her skills are nearly second-to-none. It was my honor and privilege working alongside her at Elsevier/McStrategies, and I am certain her future in Web Development holds as much prestige as it does opportunity."

    Thomas Hubbard - CEO/Manager of Hubbard Digital

  • "Tina is a hard independent worker. Very organized, and resourceful. I would recommend Tina."

    Nicole Goolsby - Digital Production Specialist at Verifone

  • "Antonia was a stellar classmate with a great ethic that helped all those around her and allowed her to excel at the Art Institute of Atlanta with amazing grace. When we collaborated on school projects, it was obvious she was very resourceful and could find the answers to difficult tasks with ease."

    Eric Richner - Private Apple Consultant

  • " Antonia and I went to school as well as worked together. Antonia is an excellent student, friend and colleague - she always stayed on top of her grades and she always helped as many people as she could. At work she was always top producer and hardly ever many any errors - she is a hard worker and a team player! I would recommend her for both solo or team projects."

    My Duong - Front End Developer at Capital One

  • "Great work on completing your pro bono project with Sigma Delta Epsilon- Graduate Women in Science. The work you performed was of incredible value to the organization and the impact of that work will extend far beyond the completion of this project. You can be proud that your dedication and skills are strengthening our community."